None of us are truly autonomous. You can't avoid influencing each other, especially when you’re sitting so close to one another. Sitting together. Moving together. Leaning by yourself. Together. TooTender.
The TooTender easy chair offers you more control over the situation, but that might mean a missed opportunity… And a table always comes in handy.

TooTender comes with optional, separate feet to secure the furniture in place and prevent floor damage. TooTender consists of a two-seater, easy chair and table.


The TooTender two-seater is ambivalent, and will keep surprising you. The easy chair has jealous tendencies, but its handsome and proud look give it no real reason to complain. Like its Tender counterpart, TooTender has both unexpected and pleasant characteristics. The TooTender table is always ready for anything.


Materials: carbon spring steel frame (chrome-plated or nickel-plated), with beech or oak seat and backrest.
Two-seater size: seat height 36 cm, seat depth 53 cm, seat width 120 cm. Size: (LWH) 127x62x72 cm. Weight: 28 kg
Easy chair size: seat height 36 cm, seat depth 53 cm, seat width 60 cm. Size: (LWH) 67x62x72 cm. Weight: 15 kg
Table size: Tabletop (LWH) 120x55x2.5 cm. Overall size: (LWH) 120x64x36 cm Weight: 21 kg
Two-seater weight: 28 kg
Easy chair weight: 15 kg
Table weight: 21 kg


TooTender is intended for inside use only. A TooTender for outside use is currently being developed.