Tender combines clean minimalist design with comfort and mobility. Tender consists of a steel frame, combined with a wooden seat and backrest. The chrome-plated frame ensures that the seat and backrest are at the proper height and in the proper position. The seat is attached to the front of the frame at only two points, allowing it to shift and move under pressure when used. This means the seat is also partly independent from the frame, allowing it to turn in a 360° circle around its two attachment points. The backrest provides support and moves with the user.


Tender is no-nonsense, helpful, modest, and always there for you. Although it has a number of unexpected characteristics, they make Tender no less pleasant.


Materials: Carbon spring steel frame (chrome plated or nickel plated), with beech or oak seat and backrest.
Sizes: (LWH) 50x43x83 cm
Weight: 7.6 kg or 8.9 kg including casters