Stack is a modular cabinet that can be adjusted in size by stacking and connecting separate elements. Each element consists of a steel sheet and aluminum legs. Its stark, straightforward, and repetitive nature is what makes Stack such a powerful design. Although it seems simple at first glance, the devil is in the details. For example, cutouts in the sheet mean the legs of each element connect directly to the legs of the element underneath. That way, all Stack elements are secure, and the legs do the heavy lifting. It also means Stack will remain stable even when bearing a great load. All you need to assemble Stack are your own two hands; no experts required. All elements are available in a range of colors, so let your creative juices flow and create your very own Stack!


Connect consists of separate shelves linking two different cabinets. But there are even more ways to assemble and customize your cabinet: Connect can either be used as part of your storage solution, or added on to combine two or more cabinets into one. Its separate parts are easily attached to your existing cabinet shelves and secured by its legs. Minimal effort, maximum storage space!

Color range example

The shelves and legs have a powder coat finish (colors and finish shown here serve only as an example). 
Changing the colors of the shelves, legs, and rubber pads allows for a great number of possible combinations even with a limited range of colors. Standard combinations and customized sets available.

voorbeeld kleurpalet.jpg


The sheet elements are created from 2 mm plate steel with a thin, slanted edge. That way, they retain their slender silhouette while also ensuring maximum rigidity. In addition, 3 separate stabilizers are attached perpendicularly to the underside of the sheets. These are locked in place by hand and then fixated by means of several nylon inserts. The aluminum legs are bolted to the underside of the sheet, and are fixated in two different spots:
 Firstly, they stick through the cutouts of the sheet element underneath. These cutouts are equipped with a rubber ring that acts as a clamp, holding the legs in place. Secondly, the bottom of each leg connects to the bolt head of the sheet element underneath it. The double fixation and rubber ring ensure damping and stability.


In this design, the shelves are 45 cm wide and 90, 110, and 170 cm in length. The legs measure 40 cm; the distance between shelves is 35 cm.
In order to ensure an equal distance between the two legs, the Connect shelves have been designed to measure 10, 74, and 94 cm. All sizes in this design can be customized. For example, adding a thinner shelf of about 35 cm wide would be a sensible addition here.


Each element comes with separate parts. This eliminates the need for factory assembly, which in turn enables compact shipping. The cabinet is extremely easy to assemble at home. All you need is an Allen key to secure the legs; everything else can be done by hand.