Spider is a table with an extremely thin tabletop. That's because the pressure the tabletop is under – its own mass and anything on top of
it – is balanced by counterpressure. That counterpressure is provided by two tension cables pushing up a spike underneath the tabletop’s center. The tabletop itself is extremely rigid, thanks to a sandwich construction of cast aluminum in a honeycomb structure, of which both sides were glued using HPL (High Pressured Laminate). This allows for an extremely thin tabletop that is also light, sturdy, and scratch resistant.

An interesting additional advantage is that Spider’s tabletop can be turned upside down, allowing users to choose between two different colors/designs.

The table legs can be moved at a 7° angle, after which they can be locked in place. This allows users to adapt their Spider’s look.


Tabletop size: (LWH) 160x70x1.5 cm
Height: 76 cm

Weight: 16.8 kg