Shelf is an aluminum wall-mounted shelving system. It’s floating design creates a layered quality that brings the wall, the shelves and the floor together--connecting them all until there’s simply the one space. The elements’ open design and the 5 mm gap between its vertical columns only increase this sense of spaciousness. When viewed from the side, you can see straight through the case and its elements.

Shelf forms a framework in both the literal and the proverbial sense: a place to put things, where they have your full attention. Anything you store in it immediately seems to has found its proper place, no matter where you put it. As if it’s always been there. 

Shelf is built out of extruded aluminum elements with an anodized coating, for extra durability and wear-resistance. This hard finish is what gives the elements their distinctive look.

When it comes to size, the ceiling is the limit. Try combining different color elements for a playful effect. You can even modify it for that perfect wall-to-wall fit.


The Shelf storage system is mounted by a universal frame, at a distance of 4 cm from the wall. The frame and the elements work together to hide all mounting system components from view; a secure and precise mounting method that results in a floating look.
The 4 cm gap also allows for indirect LED lighting, to emphasize the floating framework look.


Shelf comes in two different sizes, of which the larger is also available with doors. Each element has the same width: 100 cm. Shelf depth for the smaller version is 27 cm, spaced 34 cm apart. The shelves are deep enough to stack magazines sideways.
Shelf depth for the larger version is 38 cm, spaced 41 cm apart. These shelves are deep enough to stack magazines lengthwise.
The version with doors is the same size as the larger Shelf system, which allows you to mix and match the two. Similarly, you can combine both the larger and smaller Shelf systems in any configuration. Panel thickness for all systems is 3.5 cm.

Small Shelf

Single shelf and back panel size (WDH): 100 x 27 x 34 cm

Large Shelf

Single shelf and back panel size (WDH): 100 x 38 x 41 cm

Large Shelf with doors

Single shelf and back panel size (WDH): 100 x 38 x 41 cm


The universal frame is outfitted with standard connection points, making Shelf an easy DIY project.