Loosen Up

Straight. Flat. Level. Locked. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Exactly the way it’s “supposed” to be.
Loosen up! There’s no such thing as a straight line. Nothing is set in stone.
If it’s all the rage now, it will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. After all, ideas can shift as quickly as your mood.

Loosen Up is a coffee table with bamboo legs and a curved tabletop, held together by a braided hemp rope that provides just enough tension to make things interesting.
The tabletop consists of three different layers of thin bamboo strips, each glued at right angles, resulting in an extremely durable and rigid bamboo sheet. A hemp rope pulling the table legs towards one another creates a curve in the tabletop. That distortion provides rigidity, while the resulting tension ensures stability. Loosen Up can be completely taken apart and is very easy to put back together again. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around. You can even take it with you!


Loosen Up takes it to the next level. Playful and provocative, Loosen Up is all about allowing you to relax and bringing a smile to your face.


Materials: bamboo multiplex, braided hemp rope
Tabletop thickness:  7 mm
Size: (LWH)  170x60x47
Weight: 5.5 kg