Gerrit is a couch made up of linkable elements. This means you can increase or decrease his size, or even split him up. Need three separate chairs on one occasion, two couches on another, or even one XL couch? Gerrit allows you just that kind of flexibility!  If you’re on a budget, why not start small now and add as you go? 
His minimal width is 60 cm (two elements), and there is no maximum to him. You can choose and replace the upholstery per cushion for both the seat and backrest. Moving the elements and or backrest cushions around means you can create all sorts of color patterns. Gerrit is made from high quality materials, with a perfect finish. Because he's very sustainable, Gerrit is a friend for life.


Gerrit is a little quirky. He may seem a little distant at first, but once you get to know him, you'll see he's actually very charming. And once you've found your way into his heart, he'll never let you go. He does whatever you require of him, anticipates your needs and always puts you first. Gerrit is a true friend – a friend for life!


Materials: chrome plated steel, polypropylene, cold foam, wool, felt
Size: (LWH) 30x77x81 – seat height 42 cm, seat width 62 cm
Weight: 26 kg per element