Dot Spot

Dot Spot is a scalable seating element that comes in three different versions: a one-person footstool, a five-seater and a ten-seater. 

Dot Spot seems to sprout from the ground itself, making whatever area he’s in his own. His round, organic shape means he’s suitable for a variety of spaces. The footstool and five-seater are identical in size to the round inner segments of the ten-seater, creating a sense of unity and synergy – especially when using several versions in the same space. These round inner segments are centered, but do not touch. Because they’re placed at a relative distance of 1 cm, they can “breathe easy”.
Dot Spot can be used with or without a backrest. If the backrest isn’t used, it fuses with the round base shape, creating a new entity.


Dot Spot is neutral, sturdy and refined. Dot Spot is welcoming, nurturing, and well-organized. Dot Spot is easy to combine and enjoys changing to fit its environment. In short, Dot Spot is incredibly versatile.


Materials: The base construction consists of polypropylene covered with high quality polyether and wool. The upholstery is available in acrylic fiber and polyester, among others. The legs are chrome plated steel.
Dot Spot One: one-person footstool; length 45 cm, height 41 cm.
Dot Spot Five: max 5 seats; length 140 cm, height 42 cm or 82 including backrest.
Dot Spot Ten: max 10 seats; length 265 cm, height 43 cm or 83 including backrest.