Before we had cabinets, we had storage chests. In essence, a cabinet is like an upgraded storage chest. In the old days, people stored their belongings in chests to keep dirt and vermin out. Cabinets and chests were easy to arrange and great to quickly establish a sense of order around the house… but if you owned multiple chests or cabinets, chances were that order would quickly descend back into chaos.

Nowadays, cabinets are almost as old-fashioned as chests. We hardly need either of them anymore, really. The times of owning, of possessing, are over. Buying things is nice, but where do you leave everything? And do you ever really use it all? Less is more; I believe that goes for interior design as well as for other aspects of life. Enjoy the space emptiness has to offer. Besides, after we started keeping foodstuffs in the kitchen or pantry, the vermin quickly disappeared as well. The kitchen evolved in turn: it became a world in itself, fully stocked with everything we’d ever need.

And still... a cabinet is more than just an opportunity for storage. Its essence, its appearance, its mere being is locked into our DNA by now. We can’t do without it. What’s more, we don’t want to. But at the very least, let’s approach it as an object in itself; something you appreciate, something with presence. Something you love. And yes, something you could also use to store your belongings.

Chassis is a playful frame that allows for variation. While it’s easy to use on a smaller scale, its modular system also allows you to expand it and take up an entire wall. It makes a great nightstand or bookcase, or you could just not store anything in it at all. Its different levels are easy to move around and can also be placed perpendicular to one another. That means you can change its composition to suit your mood. Because it’s available in a wide range of sizes, colors and finishes, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. For a truly personal touch, consider pairing the Chassis frame with the platters, boxes, bags, and other combined storage options available.


Chassis is difficult to describe. It’s transparent, dedicated and regal. Perhaps a touch on the boring side; unyielding, but in a good way. It all depends on where you put it and what you use it for.


Materials: curved and welded steel wire (4 and 10 mm wide)
Available finishes: chrome, nickel, gold, or powder coating in any RAL color
Size of basic setup as pictured above (LWH): 230 x 65 x 114 cm
Platter size (LWH): 200 x 40 x 4 cm
Basic setup weight: approx. 25 kg