Chain is a linkable and movable seating element.
It allows you to link as many elements as necessary, move them, and then make them your own. Change can be linked together in three positions: in a straight line, at an 18° angle, and at a 36° angle. When linked at an angle of 18°, a full circle will include 20 elements. When linked at an angle of 36°, a full circle will include 10 elements. Once the elements have been positioned, the casters can be locked.

Anyone sitting down will assume an active posture, making Chain perfect solution for educational and therapeutic environments. Chain is also perfectly at ease in museums, at conferences, and in public spaces.


Chain is flexible and supportive. Chain expects you to anticipate and participate. Chain is no-nonsense, sturdy, and functional.


Materials: The base construction consists of polypropylene mounted onto an aluminum frame. The basis is covered with high quality polyether and wool. The upholstery is available in acrylic fiber and polyester, among others. The casters are chrome plated.
Size (LWH): 80x50x43 cm
Weight: 18 kg