Should a storage container be heavy, sturdy, and solid? If you're going to stack, the answer is yes. You'll need a solid construction that won't fall over and can literally carry its contents. If you turn the whole thing upside down in order to hang something up, it shouldn't fall over either. That requires less material, and a lighter construction will do.
Cargo comes with a chrome frame equipped with casters. This frame not only ensures it is the right height, but also acts as a structure from which the canvas container is suspended. The container fabric is wear-and-tear resistant and doesn’t fade. It’s washable and can easily be swapped for another one, should you be in the mood for something different.

Cargo is great on its own, but also plays well with others!


Container size: (LWH) 60x60x80 cm
Frame height: 105 cm
Total size: (LWH) 94x94x105 cm
Weight: 8.2 kg