2x2 2x3 3x2

2x2 2x3 3x2

This design was born from a desire to create a thin, rigid and self-supporting tabletop, mounted on a steel frame of maximum efficiency.  The result: a slender, transparent design with a minimalist look. Its robust materials make it easy on the upkeep and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
The clean, simple design somehow manages to both blend into its surroundings and shape its environment, providing plenty of room while taking up very little space. Its neutral look lends itself to a wide range of chair options.
It comes in three designs: the 2x2 (one table leg at each corner), the 2x3 (tripods at each end), and the 3x2 (three sets of two legs).


The stainless steel frame extends into elegant, rounded legs. A high-quality, UV-resistant powder coating provides extra protection in just the right color combination. Its tempered and colored glass tabletop remains firmly in place by its own weight. Stiff rubber supports provide extra security and help dampen impact sound. 

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An alternative version of the design comes with a solid Trespa® tabletop, and includes a unique adjustment option for use on uneven outdoor surfaces. Both sides of the frame are connected by a single tube, which enables limited lengthwise rotation without compromising on tabletop stiffness. This ensures all four table legs rest firmly on the ground, even in uneven surroundings. The rubber supports between the frame and the tabletop can be adjusted to compensate for any resulting tilt.
The tempered colored glass tabletops, frames, and rubber supports are available in a range of subtle color schemes.


Simple, serene, subservient.